Forum for Anthropology and Culture № 11. 2015

Forum for Anthropology and Culture № 11. 2015

Forum for Anthropology and Culture. - 2015. - № 11.

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From the Editors

Forum 22: Equal Opportunities and the Academic Career: Chimera, Ideal, or Reality?

From the Editorial Board
Vladimir Bogdanov, Marc Elie, Elena Filippova, Revekka Frumlina, Irene Hermann, Katharine Hodgson, Beth Holmgren, Alexandra Kasatkina, Catriona Kelly, Anna Kushkova, Aleksandsr Nazarenko, Natalia Pushkareva, Anna Sokolova, Viktor Varonkov, Igor Yanovich.
Olga Boitsova. There Is No Such Thing as Discrimination – Or Is There?

Konstantin Bogdanov. ‘Negroes’ un the USSR.
The Ethnography of an Imaginary Diaspora.

Religion in the Contemporary City
Elena Nosenko-Shtein. From the Compiler.
Natalia Shilkhta. ‘Orthodox’ and ‘Soviet’: the Identity of Soviet Believers (1940s – early 1970s).
Marat Safarov. Mosque Attendance in the Current Religious Practice of Moscow Tatars.
Elena Nosenko-Shtein. ‘Ours’ and ‘Theirs’ in the Modern Russian City: Jewish Sacral Geography.
Victor Shnirelman. The End of the World or the Beginning of a New Cycle? Ideas of the End of Times in Christianity and Esoteric Beliefs.

Larisa Deriglazova. Office Plankton and Social Transformers in the Dantean Hell: A Review of Jarrett Zigon. Making the New Post-Soviet Person: Moral Experience in Contemporary Moscow. Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2010.
Daria Dubovka. The Snares of the ‘Material Turn’ for the Anthropology of Religion: A Review of Amy Whitehead. Religious Statues and Personhood: Testing the Role the Materiality. London; New York: Bloomsbury, 2013.
Maria Konstantinova. Bruno Latour’s Dramatisation of Science: the Production of Impressions in Action: A Review of Bruno Latar. Nauka v Deistvii: sleduya za uchenymi i inzhenerami vnutri obshchestva [Science in Action: Following Scientists and Engineers within Society]. St. Petersburg: Izdatelstvo Evropeiskogo universiteta v Sankt-Peterburga, 2013.
Andrei Moroz. The Language of the Russian Popular Print: A Review of Aleksandra Pletneva, Lubochnaya Bibliya: Yazyk I tekst [The Woodcut Bible. Language and Text]. Moscow: Yazyki slavyanskoi kultury, 2013.
Elena Nam. The Multiple Functions of a Thing: Review of P.K. Dashkovsky, S.M. Karymova. Veshch v traditsionnoi culture narodov Tsentralnoi Azii: filosofsko-kulturologicheskoe issledovanie: Monografia [ The Thing in the Traditional Culture of the Peoples of Central Asia: a Philosophical and Cultural Stady. Monograph]. Barnaul: Izdatelstvo Altaiskogo universiteta, 2012.
Dmitri Sitchnava. An Even for Classiacal Philology and Linguistics: A review of J.N.Adams. Social Variation and the Latin Language. Cambridge University Press, 2012.
Jonathan Waterlow. Nagotiating with the State: A Review of Tracy McDonald. Face to the village: The Riazan Countryside under Soviet Rule, 1921-1930. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2011.
James White. Money, Morality and Power in the Russian Regions: A Review of Douglas Rogers. The Old Faith and the Russian Land. A Historical Ethnographi of Ethics in the Urals. Ithaca and London^ Cornell Universityt Press, 2009.