Forum for Anthropology and Culture № 5 2009.

Forum for Anthropology and Culture № 5 2009.

Forum for Anthropology and Culture. - 2009. - № 5.

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Forum 8: Nationalism and Xenophobia as Research Topics.

Mariya Akhmetova, Elena Berezovich, Jovan Byford, Albina Garifzyanova, Roger Griffin, Douglas R. Holmes, Sebastian Job, Paul Manning, Jelena Obradovic, Elena Omelchenko, Alexander Osipov, Alexander Panchenko, Hilary Pilkington, David Raskin, Yury Shabaev, Eleonora Shafranskaya, Nona Shakhnazaryan, Stephen Shenfield, Viktpr Shnirelman, Sergei Sokolovsky, Detelina Tocheva, Andreas Umland, Valentin Vydrin, Sergei Shtyrkov.


Mikhail Sokolov. The End of Russian Radical Nationalism?

Soviet Culture in Retrospect

Konstantin Bogdanov. The Rhetoric of Ritual: The Soviet Sociolect in Ethnolinguistic Perspective.

Albert Baiburin, Alexandra Piir. When We Were Happy: Remembering Soviet Holidays.

Catriona Kelly, Svetlana Sirotinina. ‘I didn't understand, but it was funny': Late Soviet Festivals and their Impact on Children.

Vitaly Bezrogov. Between Stalin and Christ: the Religious Socialisation of Children in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia.

Rural Culture, Urban Culture

Mikhail Lurye. Sadistic Verse as a Genre of Russian Urban Folklore: Typical and Specific Features, Child and Adult Audiences.

Olga Brednikova, Olga Tkach. ‘The Dirty Countryside' and ‘The Littered City' (Everyday Practices of Dealing with Rubbish in Different Communities).

Aleksandr Manuylov. The Practices of ‘Privacy' in aSouth Russian Village (a Case Study of Stepnoe, Krasnodar Region).

Conference Report

Vlada Baranova., How to restructure Russian Anthropology.

In memoriam

Albert Baiburin. Kirill Chistov (20 November 1919 - 29 October 2007).


Andrei Toporkov. What Can You Find in the Banya If You Go There at Midnight? (Review of W.F. Raiyan [Ryan]. Banya v polnoch: Istoricheskii obzor magi I gadanii v Rossii. M.: Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie, 2006).

William F. Ryan. Reply to Andrey Toporkov.

Sergey Abashin. A Culture Empire? (Review of Paula A. Michaels. Curative Power: Madicine and Empire in Stalin's Central Asia. Pittsburgh, Pa: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2003).

Oleg Ken. Existential Empathy (Review of Catherine Merridale. Ivan's war. The Red Army 1939-1945/ L/: Faber and Faber, 2005)/
Connor Doak. Men's Tears and Other Extreme Situations (Review of I.A. Morozov et al. (eds.), Muzhskoi sbornik. 3 vols. M./SPb.: Labirint/Indrik, 2001-2007).

Andy Byford. Mother Russia (Review of Helena Goscilo and Andrea Lanoux (eds.), Gender and National Identity in Twentieth-CenturyRussian Culture, De Kalb: Northern Illinois University Press, 2006; Oleg Riabov, ‘Rossiia-Matushka': Nationalizm, gender I voina v Rossii XX veka, ibidem-Verlag: Stuttgardt, 2007).